Hidenori Inoue

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STUDY DESIGN A radiographic and morphologic study was conducted to investigate low-grade spondylolisthesis in cases with preexisting isthmic spondylolysis of L5. OBJECTIVE To distinguish radiographically between vertebral slips before and after skeletal maturity as determined by deformities of the sacral endplate. SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND DATA Very few(More)
Amass in the right atria was detected by computed tomography (CT) 2 years ago in a 61-year-old man with a medical history of hypertension and surgery for gall bladder carcinoma. The latest CT imaging indicated enlargement of the mass. Transthoracic echocardiography showed that a mobile mass in contact with the septum was present in the right atria, and a(More)
Carbon dioxide (CO2) intraarterial digital subtraction angiography (IADSA) provides retrograde visualization of the portal vein via a peripheral segmental hepatic artery. IADSA was performed in 12 patients with known hepatic diseases by injecting a peripheral hepatic artery with both CO2 gas and an iodinated contrast medium. The portal vein was constantly(More)
Five femoral pseudoaneurysms were treated among 573 patients who underwent percutaneous coronary interventions. Four of the five patients suffered from diabetes mellitus and four patients needed regular hemodialysis due to chronic renal failure. One patient's course was complicated by infection. One patient was healed by compression therapy and four(More)
Retroperitoneal tumors and other abdominal malignancies invading the inferior vena cava can be treated surgically when no metastases are present. We resected four retroperitoneal tumors, two renal cell carcinomas, and one gastrointestinal stromal tumor with a concomitant caval resection. Although meticulous care is required when manipulating the major(More)
Sirs: Acute measles encephalitis (AME) commonly occurs in children [12]. The pathogenetic mechanism has not been fully elucidated. Limited information is available about AME in adults. We report 2 cases of adult AME. Case 1: A 20-year-old woman developed coma 3 days after she had developed a high-grade fever with Koplik spots followed by a rash. Routine(More)
This prospective study was conducted to compare inflammatory responses between patients receiving coated and uncoated vascular prostheses, and to examine their effect on length of stay and cost of patients undergoing abdominal aortic aneurysmectomy. Patients undergoing elective vascular reconstruction of an abdominal aortic aneurysm were assigned randomly(More)