Hidenori Igari

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A function alternation mechanism is proposed. It enables sensor nodes to take over the damaged functions of their neighboring sensor nodes automatically. By introducing the mechanism in a wireless sensor network (WSN), we can realize a WSN that never stops monitoring, and does not require maintenance after it is deployed, even if some sensor nodes suddenly(More)
In this paper, a new type of wireless sensor network system, called die-hard sensor network, is described. The system can automatically monitor a disaster-hit region by scattering many sensor nodes in the region. To realize the system, three new mechanisms have been developed. If a sensor node is unable to perform certain functions, the first(More)
We propose a distributed algorithm to realize an automatic function alternation among sensor nodes. With this algorithm, the function of a damaged sensor node is dynamically taken over by a neighboring sensor node in order to maintain the initial functionality of a wireless sensor network. Each sensor node calculates an indicator value that represents the(More)
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