Hidenori Asai

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There are still unclarified points remaining in regard to the characteristics of force development in children who are immature in their basic activities in daily living. Moreover, there are morphological, histological, and biochemical differences between immature and mature muscles. In the present study, dynamic elbow flexion and static contractions which(More)
The percentage of aseptic loosening of different types of total hip protheses in 771 cases has been evaluated. The time of follow-up ranged between 1/2 and 6 years. In prostheses of the Charnley-Müller type the loosening was 7.8%, in the Charnley-Müller-Weller type with a 2-year shorter follow-up it was 2.4%. No loosening was found during the last 2 1/2(More)
BACKGROUND Tracking refers to the tendency for an individual to maintain their rank within a group over time. This study longitudinally investigated the 8-year tracking of pedometer-determined physical activity among physically independent elderly Japanese people aged 72 to 80 years. METHODS Steps/day were measured when participants were aged 72 and(More)
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