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Symposia 1) Diagnosis and treatment of early esophageal cancer Moderators: Hiroyasu Makuuchi (Tokai University School of Medicine) Teruo Kozu (Chiba University School of Medicine) 2) Pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of early hepatocellular carcinoma Moderators: Masamichi Kojiro (Kurume University School of Medicine) Takafumi Ichida (Niigata(More)
BACKGROUND Depth of submucosal invasion (SM depth) in submucosal invasive colorectal carcinoma (SICC) is considered an important predictive factor for lymph node metastasis. However, no nationwide reports have clarified the relationship between SM depth and rate of lymph node metastasis. Our aim was to investigate the correlations between lymph node(More)
We explored the risk factors for gallbladder cancer and explanations for its sharp and constant incidence increase in Chile since the 1970s. We compared 114 consecutive patients with verified gallbladder cancer, diagnosed 1992-1995, to 114 matched hospital patients with gallstones, using conditional logistic regression analysis. Low education showed a(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The results of a randomized controlled study and meta-analysis study have recently proved that Helicobacter pylori eradication has a preventive effect against the development of metachronous and primary gastric cancer. However, gastric cancer is sometimes detected after successful eradication. There is a lack of study about gastric(More)
The Japan Pancreas Society performed a multiinstitutional, retrospective study of 1379 cases of intraductal papillary mucinous tumor (IPMT) and 179 cases of mucinous cystic tumor (MCT) of the pancreas. Clinicopathologic features and postoperative long-term outcomes were investigated. IPMT were most frequently found in men and in the head of the pancreas. In(More)
More than 85% of patients with T1 colorectal cancer have no lymph node metastasis and can be cured by endoscopic resection. To avoid unnecessary surgery after complete endoscopic resection, accurate histologic methods for evaluating resected specimens are needed to discriminate those at high risk for lymph node metastasis. A retrospective(More)
Flat colorectal tumors, characterized by high-grade dysplasia from early small flat mucosal lesions, exhibit a relatively aggressive clinical behavior and are known for their infrequent K-ras mutations. In this study, we investigated the methylation status of the RASSF1A promoter in association with 3p LOH and K-ras mutations in 48 flat colorectal tumors(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Successful eradication of H. pylori changes pathological findings of gastritis dramatically. However, change of endoscopic mucosal findings is not fully understood. To clarify the short-term changes of endoscopic mucosal findings after cure of H. pylori infection, a multicenter prospective trial was conducted. METHODS One hundred and(More)
Virtual machine (VM) live migration, which is the ability to move a VM from one physical host to another under hy-pervisor control without suspending for a long time, is a capability being increasingly utilized. With IP mobility, a capability for migrating VMs among distributed sites is provided. We call it the global live migration. However, it affects an(More)