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Virtual machine (VM) live migration, which is the ability to move a VM from one physical host to another under hy-pervisor control without suspending for a long time, is a capability being increasingly utilized. With IP mobility, a capability for migrating VMs among distributed sites is provided. We call it the global live migration. However, it affects an(More)
It is often discussed that the fourth methodology for science researches is " informatics " ; the first methodology is theoretic approach, the second one is observation and/or experiment, and the third one is computer simulation. The informatics is expected as a new methodology for data intensive science, which is a new concept based on the fact that most(More)
An architecture for IP layer mobility such as MIPv6 requires modification in the protocol stack of mobile terminals for seamless handoff across different IP networks. MAT (Mobility support Architecture and Technologies) which has been developed by the authors, also requires the similar modification. The modification of the protocol stack of the terminals(More)
An outline of a planned system for the global space-weather monitoring network of NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) is given. This system can manage data collection much easier than our current system, by installations of autonomous recovery, periodical state monitoring, and dynamic warning procedures. According to a(More)
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