Hidenobu Aoki

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A 26-year-old man presented with an epidermoid tumor of the fourth ventricle manifesting as headache with nausea and vertigo. Neurological examination revealed no cerebellar signs, except nystagmus. Bilateral vestibular impairment was identified by the caloric test. The tumor was removed via the midline suboccipital approach. The bilateral peripheral(More)
We have evaluated the anatomical structure of cavernous sinuses in parasellar blocks obtained from adult cadavers to gain clinically useful information. Ten microdissectional studies of parasellar blocks (20 sides of cavernous sinus) were carried out with special emphasis on the course of paracavernous cranial nerves (3rd to 6th). These were also examined(More)
Cerebellar medulloblastoma with massive lung metastasis in a 10-year-old girl was studied histopathologically and immunohistochemically. She was treated twice by operation and had bilateral lung metastases appearing 13 months after the second operation. The autopsy revealed that the bilateral lungs were almost replaced by the medulloblastoma, and that the(More)
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