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1. Abstract This paper discusses preliminary work on standardizing and implementing a remote procedure call (RPC) mechanism for grid computing. The GridRPC API is designed to address one of the factors that has hindered widespread acceptance of grid computing – the lack of a standardized, portable, and simple programming interface. In this paper, we examine(More)
The worldwide computing infrastructure on the growing computer network technology is a leading technology to make a v ariety of information services accessible through the Internet for every users from the high performance computing users through many of personal computing users. The important feature of such services is location transparency; information(More)
While there have been several proposals of high performance global computing systems, scheduling schemes for the systems have not been well investigated. The reason is difficulties of evaluation by large-scale benchmarks with reproducible results. Our Bricks performance evaluation system would allow analysis and comparison of various scheduling schemes on a(More)
GridRPC, which is an RPC mechanism tailored for the Grid, is an attractive programming model for Grid computing. This paper reports on the design and implementation of a GridRPC programming system called Ninf-G. Ninf-G is a reference implementation of the GridRPC API which has been proposed for standardization at the Global Grid Forum. In this paper, we(More)
Ninf is an ongoing global network-wide computing infrastructure project which allows users to access computational resources including hardware , software and scientific data distributed across a wide area network. Ninf is intended not only to exploit high performance in network parallel computing, but also to provide high quality numerical computation(More)
IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) is an emerging concept of cloud computing, which allows users to obtain hardware resources from virtualized data centers. Although many commercial IaaS clouds have recently been launched, dynamic virtual machine (VM) migration is not possible among service providers; users are locked into a particular provider, and cannot(More)
Striking progress of network technology is enabling high-performance global computing, in which computational and data resources in a wide area network (WAN) are transparently employed to solve large-scale problems. Several high-performance global computing systems , such as Ninf, NetSolve, RCS, Legion and Globus have already been proposed. Each of these(More)
This paper reports on the design, implementation and performance evaluation of a suite of GridRPC programming middleware called Ninf-G Version 2 (Ninf-G2). Ninf-G2 is a reference implementation of the GridRPC API, a proposed GGF standard. Ninf-G2 has been designed so that it provides 1) high performance in a large-scale computational Grid, 2) the rich(More)
At iGrid2005, we conducted a live demonstration where our Grid scheduling system co-allocated computing and network resources with advance reservation through Web services interfaces using the Grid Resource Scheduler (GRS), the Network Resource Management System (NRM), which is capable of GMPLS network resource management, and a GMPLS-based network(More)