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For systematic and genome-wide analyses of rice gene functions, we took advantage of the full-length cDNA overexpresser (FOX) gene-hunting system and generated >12 000 independent FOX-rice lines from >25 000 rice calli treated with the rice-FOX Agrobacterium library. We found two FOX-rice lines generating green calli on a callus-inducing medium containing(More)
Cellulosic biomass is available for the production of biofuel, with saccharification of the cell wall being a key process. We investigated whether alteration of arabinoxylan, a major hemicellulose in monocots, causes an increase in saccharification efficiency. Arabinoxylans have β-1,4-D-xylopyranosyl backbones and 1,3- or 1,4-α-l-arabinofuranosyl residues(More)
Aspartic protease (APs) plays important roles in plant growth, development and biotic and abiotic stresses. We previously reported that the expression of a rice AP gene (OsAP77, Os10g0537800) was induced by probenazole (PBZ), a chemical inducer of disease resistance. In this study we examined some characteristics of this gene in response to fungal,(More)
Root formation is dependent on meristematic activity and is influenced by nitrogen supply. We have previously shown that ubiquitin ligase, EL5, in rice (Oryza sativa) is involved in the maintenance of root meristematic viability. When mutant EL5 protein is overexpressed to dominantly inhibit the endogenous EL5 function in rice, primordial and meristematic(More)
HAP (CBF/NF-Y) transcription factors have important functions in regulating plant growth, development, and stress responses. In this study, we examined whether the endogenous gene OsHAP2E and the GUS transgene driven by the promoter of OsHAP2E respond to virus infection. RT-PCR analyses showed OsHAP2E expression was induced after inoculation with Cucumber(More)
Nitrogen is the most critical nutrient for plant growth. To find potential strategies for enhancing both nitrogen use and tolerance to nitrogen deficiency in rice plants, we used the rice Full-length-cDNA OvereXpressor (FOX)-hunting system, a high-throughput phenotyping screen. After screening 3229 rice FOX lines, we identified 82 FOX-hunting lines that(More)
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