Hidemi Kajimoto

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The effects of therapeutic angiogenesis by intramuscular injection of early pro-angiogenic cells (EPCs) to ischemic limbs are unsatisfactory. Oxidative stress in the ischemic limbs may accelerate apoptosis of injected EPCs, leading to less neovascularization. Forkhead transcription factor 4 (FOXO4) was reported to play a pivotal role in apoptosis signaling(More)
Background. The heart consists of various kinds of cell components. However, it has not been feasible to separately analyze the gene expression of individual components. The laser microdissection (LMD) method, a new technology to collect target cells from the microscopic regions, has been used for malignancies. We sought to establish a method to selectively(More)
Following the publication of the article, the following errors were identified in two of the figures:-The FOXO4 panel Fig 2A was duplicated as the right panel in Fig 2C.-The right panel of Fig 7A incorrectly displays the flip vertical image of the left panel in Fig 7C. The authors apologize for these errors. Additional experiments have been carried out to(More)
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