Hidemasa Kubota

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In this paper, we show the generalized method of the time-domain circuit simulation based on LIM. First, the formulation of the circuit for LIM is modified and generalized. Furthermore, the modified simulation algorithm is suggested. As a result, our method is applicable to any structure of circuits. Some example circuits are simulated and the proposed(More)
With the progress of integration of circuits and PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), novel techniques have been required for verification of signal integrity. Noise analysis of the power/ground planes is one of the most important issues. This paper describes a high-speed simulator for PCBs which contain the interconnects with nonlinear terminations. This(More)
In this paper, we focus on the verification of the PCB/Package power integrity, which becomes very important for the design of state-of-art high speed digital circuits. The simulation of power distribution networks (PDNs) of the PCB/Package, which can be modeled as a large number of RLC lumped components, is a time-consuming task for using the conventional(More)
This paper presents a simple voltage control system of AC machines using PWM voltage source inverter with output LC filters. By assuming a motor as a current source, the voltage is controlled by a simple proportional differential (PD) control. The vector control and PD control can be separately controlled in this system. A method for disturbance rejection(More)
In this paper, we propose a new method which makes transient simulation faster for the circuit including both nonlinear and linear elements. First, the method for generating the projection matrix with Krylov-subspace technique is described. The order of the circuit equation is reduced by congruence transformation with the projection matrix. Next, we suggest(More)
One or 2-step Gauss-Jacobi method is efficiently incorporated to the large scale interconnect analysis. In order to make the Gauss-Jacobi method within 1 or 2 iterations during each time step, the interconnect network is formulated by the RLCG-MNA formulation. In the numerical example, it is illustrated that the one-step Gauss-Jacobi method is 1,035 times(More)