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Two complementary DNAs for the organic anion transporter subtypes oatp2 and oatp3, which transport thyroid hormones as well as taurocholate, were isolated from a rat retina cDNA library. The sequence(More)
A cDNA clone for a cysteine proteinase inhibitor of rice (oryzacystatin) was isolated from a lambda gt10 cDNA library of rice immature seeds by screening with synthesized oligonucleotide probes based(More)
Oryzacystatin (oryzacystatin-I) is a proteinaceous cysteine proteinase inhibitor (cystatin) in rice seeds and is the first well defined cystatin of plant origin. In this study we isolated cDNA clones(More)
Oryzacystatin, a cysteine proteinase inhibitor occurring in rice seeds, contains a particular glycine residue (Gly5) near the NH2-terminal position, and the sequence Gln53-Val54-Val55-Ala56-Gly57 in(More)
Oryzacystatin, a proteinaceous cysteine proteinase inhibitor (cystatin) in rice, is comprised of 102 residues (Met1-Ala102) (Abe, K., Emori, Y., Kondo, H., Suzuki, K., and Arai, S. (1987) J. Biol.(More)