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Scientific Background on the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012
THE ROYAL SWEDISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES has as its aim to promote the sciences and strengthen their influence in society. G-protein–coupled receptors (GPCRs) form a remarkable modular system thatExpand
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1. Zhuangzi: The Happy Fish
On the Theory of Collison of Neutrons
Th e problem of the neutron-reuteron collision was reduced to a simple form by taking the structures of 2II and 3II into account and neglecting the forces depending explicitly on the spin. ( 1.) TheExpand
A historical investigation of the discovery of the π meson has been already done both from a global scientific point of view, and from a sociological one. The aim of this contribution is to showExpand
Follow-up Results One Year after Surgery in Patients with Hypertensive tntracerebral Hemorrhage
A follow-up study to assess the results of surgery was carried out in 94 patients with supratentorial hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage, The patients were operated on at the Iwate MedicalExpand
Tomonaga and Tokyo Group 10 Tomonaga and the Meson Theory
The present report is intended to give a short account for Sin-itiro Tomonaga's activities concerned with the development of the meson theory laying special emphasis on his Intermediate CouplingExpand
Instruction for Making L AT E X Compuscripts Using PTPT E X L A TEX2" Version
This is a manual for making LATEX compuscripts for Progress of Theoretical Physics using the PTPTEX class file “ptptex.cls.” In particular, we explain some useful options, macros and environmentsExpand
Trilling Outlines Challenges , Priorities for APS in a Time of Change
APS April Meeting Returns to Washington, DC in 2001 APS Establishes New Industrial Fellows Program The US State Department is poised to improve its languishing science and technology component, butExpand