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In the past few years, many researchers have studied elastic optical networks, which exhibit a dramatically improved transmission capacity compared with conventional optical networks. However, the transmission capacity per fiber will soon reach the physical limit for traditional single-mode fibers. Multicore fiber (MCF) is among the innovative fibers based(More)
Recently, wireless networks are utilized in various situations. However, the characteristic of wireless environment causes many problems like limited bandwidth, collisions and interferences among transferred frames. It is required to enhance bandwidth with efficient channel utilization. In this paper, in wireless access networks where a base station and(More)
With improvement of network performance, content distribution services such as live streaming have been widely spread. For these services, it is effective to use a multicast distribution system. However, conventional multicast distribution systems are best-effort services using the Internet, which do not guarantee the Quality of Services (QoS). On the other(More)
Elastic Optical Network (EON) is expected as one of future networks in terms of spectrum flexibility. While Routing and Wavelength Assignment (RWA) problem is one of the key issues in traditional Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) networks, Routing and Spectrum Assignment (RSA) problem has much impact on network performance in EONs. On the other hand,(More)
Recent studies on traffic measurement analysis in the various networks have shown that packet traffic exhibits Long Range Dependent properties called Self-Similarity. Some papers reported that Self-Similarity degrades the network performance, such as buffer overflow. Thus, we need new network control considering Self-Similar properties. Network control(More)
Recently, wireless LAN is achieving remarkable growth, and maturity. On the other hand, by the advance of the Internet, the demand for the multimedia communication services which include video and voice will be expected to grow. Therefore, in the future, the mechanism of QoS guarantee must be realized even in wireless LAN environment. So far, IEEE 802.11e(More)
—Recently, sensor network systems are gradually moving into heterogeneous designs, incorporating a mixture of variety kinds of sensor nodes. Many routing protocols have been proposed for sensor networks but most of them did not consider the non-uniform energy drainage caused by many-to-one traffic. In this paper we propose a clustering method for wireless(More)
In order to expand the transmission capacity of optical backbone networks, many innovative technologies such as Elastic Optical Network (EON) and Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) have intensively researched. These advanced network technologies require new optical node structures which can fully utilize the additional channels of the next-generation(More)