Hideki Toda

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The purpose of this study, which comprised 2 experiments, was to investigate cognitive effects on odor perception. An odor was presented using an olfactometer. In Experiment 1 ("continuous" presentation), anethole, an odor unfamiliar to most Japanese individuals, was presented continuously for 1 session (20 min), whereas in Experiment 2 ("intermittent"(More)
In this paper we present a new method for robot real time policy adaptation by combining learning and evolution. The robot adapts the policy as the environment conditions change. In our method, we apply evolutionary computation to find the optimal relation between reinforcement learning parameters and robot performance. The proposed algorithm is evaluated(More)
CONCLUSION The curry odorant of the odor stick identification test for Japanese (OSIT-J) is useful in screening for olfactory impairment in Japanese subjects. OBJECTIVE The present study was designed to determine the most useful odorant of the OSIT-J in screening for olfactory impairment in Japanese subjects. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We studied olfactory(More)