Hideki Sugimoto

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Colloidal crystal assembly film was prepared by using monodispersed colloidal particles of cross-linked random copolymer of methyl methacrylate and ethyl acrylate prepared by soap-free emulsion polymerization. The colloidal crystal film exhibited structural color when swollen with ethyl acrylate monomer. The structural color was maintained even after(More)
We measured fresh weight, dry weight, total protein, and the amounts of several individual proteins during endosperm development in three varieties of maize ( Zea mays L.): W64A wild-type (WT) and opaque-2 (o2), and sweet corn (SW). By 28 days after pollination (DAP), fresh weight was much higher in WT and SW than in o2, but o2 had a higher dry weight and(More)
Recent characterisation of molybdenum and tungsten enzymes revealed novel structural types of reaction centres, as well as providing new subjects of interest as synthetic chemical analogues. This tutorial review highlights the structure/reactivity relationships of the enzyme reaction centres and chemical analogues. Chemical analogues for the oxygen atom(More)
A review of our previous immunological studies on Kawasaki disease (KD) was undertaken. The results showed that peripheral blood macrophages/monocytes, T-cells and B-cells become activated during acute KD in terms of numerical changes in immunocompetent cells, expression of activated antigens on the cell surfaces and cytokine production. Also, during acute(More)
A series of tris(2-pyridylmethyl)amines including one and two asymmetric centers were synthesized in a stereo-controlled fashion as potential ligands of lanthanide cations. The reaction of chiral pyridylethyl methanesulfonates and bis(pyridylmethyl)amines occurred via an S(N)2 mechanism with complete inversion of asymmetric centers and gave the(More)
The nickel(II) complexes 1(X) supported by bis[(pyridin-2-yl)methyl]benzylamine tridentate ligands carrying m-substituted phenyl groups (X = OMe, Me, H, Cl, NO(2)) at the 6-position of pyridine donor groups (L(X), N,N-bis[(6-m-substituted-phenylpyridin-2-yl)methyl]benzylamine) have been synthesized and characterized. The X-ray crystallographic analyses have(More)
A diastereomer pair of left- and right-handed square planar Pd(II) complexes was synthesized from a single chiral ligand as kinetic and thermodynamic products. Helicity inversion between the diastereomers occurred rapidly under thermal and microwave irradiation conditions.