Hideki Shimada

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In order to further explore how GABA can modulate the excitability of noradrenergic neurons of the locus coeruleus (LC), we investigated the presence of GABA(A) receptors on glutamatergic nerve terminals and the functional consequences of their activation. We used mechanically dissociated immature rat LC neurons with adherent nerve terminals and patch-clamp(More)
1. The effect of ophiopogonin-D (OP-D), a steroidal glycoside and an active component of Bakumondo-to, a Chinese herbal antitussive, on neurones acutely dissociated from paratracheal ganglia of 2-week-old Wistar rats was investigated using the nystatin-perforated patch recording configuration. 2. Under current-clamp conditions, OP-D (10 microM)(More)
The seven members of Shaker-related K(+) channel family, which are known to regulate membrane excitability and transmitter release, have been identified in the CNS. It is known that the substantia nigra pars reticulata (SNr) receives GABAergic inputs mainly from the striatum and sends GABAergic outputs to the thalamus. An immunohistochemical study shows(More)
Recent years, with the rapid development of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) technology, there are more and more applications which can provide users with different styles of indirect communication over the internet to socially connect people more closely. Protocol), blog and so on can be mentioned. However, the traditional communication style(More)