Hideki Shimada

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In order to further explore how GABA can modulate the excitability of noradrenergic neurons of the locus coeruleus (LC), we investigated the presence of GABA(A) receptors on glutamatergic nerve terminals and the functional consequences of their activation. We used mechanically dissociated immature rat LC neurons with adherent nerve terminals and patch-clamp(More)
The seven members of Shaker-related K(+) channel family, which are known to regulate membrane excitability and transmitter release, have been identified in the CNS. It is known that the substantia nigra pars reticulata (SNr) receives GABAergic inputs mainly from the striatum and sends GABAergic outputs to the thalamus. An immunohistochemical study shows(More)
There have been many wireless sensors equipped IEEE 802.15.4. ZigBee, the most representative upper layer protocol of IEEE 802.15.4 is non-IP-based. However an IPv6 protocol called 6LoWPAN is currently being discussed by the IETF. Until now, IP stacks have generally been too large for sensor devices, which have weak calculating ability. Thus, most of(More)
The popularity of network home appliances that can interconnect with other home appliances through networks increases. The operation and function of these appliances are complex since they can share contents and data with other network home appliances. However, it remains difficult for users to identify network home appliances, since their locations are not(More)
In the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, deletion of trt1(+) causes gradual telomere shortening, while deletion of pot1(+) causes rapid telomere loss. The double mutant between pot1 and RecQ helicase rqh1 is synthetically lethal. We found that the trt1 rqh1 double mutant was not synthetically lethal. The chromosome end fragments in both the trt1Δ(More)
There are various kinds of wireless network devices, such as cellular phone and wireless sensors, around us in a ubiquitous environment. Unlike a wired network, we cannot grasp the exact status of a wireless network in real space. Moreover, it is difficult to understand the relationships of connectivity intuitively, since network management software is used(More)
With the present technology and environment, we are able to interact with other people using online communities, while sometimes missing the opportunity to meet people in the real world. Location-based services have a strong correlation with the real world, and have the potential to develop online connections into off-line connections. However, most of(More)
The popularity of home appliances continues to increase that can interconnect with other appliances through networks. For users who want to identify the network home appliances they want to operate, their operation is complex and difficult since their locations are not represented within the operating system. We propose Embodied Visualization with Augmented(More)