Hideki Shima

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We have successfully achieved high speed (~50 ns) unipolar operation in RRAM devices comprised of titanium oxynitride (TiON) combined with a control resistor connected in series. For unipolar switching, programming and erasing pulses can be the same width, typically, a few tens of nano-seconds. This enables high speed and high density cross-point RRAM(More)
and analysis J. W. Murdock J. Fan A. Lally H. Shima B. K. Boguraev One useful source of evidence for evaluating a candidate answer to a question is a passage that contains the candidate answer and is relevant to the question. In the DeepQA pipeline, we retrieve passages using a novel technique that we call Supporting Evidence Retrieval, in which we perform(More)
TiO<sub>x</sub> thin-film transistors (TFTs) are fabricated using SiO<sub>2</sub> as gate dielectrics. The enhancement of the electric characteristics is observed after a postannealing processing including the reduction of the threshold voltage <i>V</i><sub>th</sub>, the increase in mobility &#x03BC;, and the on/off ratio. The effect of the postannealing(More)
In order to provide resistive switching functionality to a TiN/Ti/HfO<sub>x</sub>/TiN structure, a high-temperature annealing process is required. In this paper, the influence of the annealing effect on the TiN/Ti/HfO<sub>x</sub>/TiN structure was analyzed by the transmission electron microscopy (TEM) under the elevated temperature. From the electron energy(More)
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