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Tonotopic maps, obtained from single and multi-unit recordings in the primary and surrounding areas of the auditory cortex, were related to chemoarchitecture of the supratemporal plane, as delineated by immunoreactivity for parvalbumin. Neurons in the central core were sharply tuned and formed two complete tonotopic representations corresponding to the(More)
In our previous paper (see Kosaki and Yamagami), four kinds of bimodules naturally attached to crossed products P o G P o H determined by a group-subgroup pair G H were identiied with certain vector bundles equipped with group actions. In the present paper we will describe the structure of the fusion algebra of vector bundles and clarify a relationship to(More)
By generalizing constructions in Kosaki (1994) and Kosaki and Longo, we will construct an AFD type III 0 factor with un-countably many non-conjugate subfactors such that (i) each subfactor has the same flow of weights as the ambient factor, and (ii) the principal and the dual principal graphs are of a specific form. We will deal with two cases: (a) the(More)
These notes are based on a series of lectures given at Seoul National University in February of 1993. The Jones theory on index ([33]) has brought a revolutionary change to the theory of operator algebras, and since the appearance of the theory tremendous progress has been made for the subject matter and related subfactor analysis by many authors. The(More)
An operator convex function on (0, ∞) which satisfies the symmetry condition k(x −1) = xk(x) can be used to define a type of non-commutative multiplication by a positive definite matrix (or its inverse) using the primitive concepts of left and right multiplication and the functional calculus. The operators for the inverse can be used to define quadratic(More)
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