Hideki Kokame

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This letter shows an experimental suppression of spatial instability in one-way open coupled Chua's circuits. A continuous-time version of the decentralized delayed feedback method is used for a suppression scheme. Furthermore, we confirm that the control method also succeeds in suppressing chaotic behavior in the coupled circuits.
Title Author(s) eIIhIIehIIh Citation CCiIIR Issue Date URL LLLLRU Rights s Abstract The present paper considers singular value decomposition (SVD) for a class of linear time-varying systems. The class considered herein describes time-driven switched linear systems. Based on an appropriate input-output description , the calculation method of singular values(More)
—The major difficulties in designing a controller for the fluidized bed combustor for sewage sludge result from the following reasons: 1) The dynamical behavior of the plant is highly unknown and the experimental data only render a coarse model; 2) the combustion process shows large time-delay; and 3) the plant model is a stiff differential equation because(More)