Hideki Kitatani

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A newborn having a covered anus and two fistulas, one ano-urethral and one penile urethro-cutaneous, is presented. In spite of the resemblance of this ano-urethral fistula to an "H-type" ano-urethral fistula, which is thought to result from the failure of the division of the cloaca in the embryological period, three abnormalities seen in this case were(More)
A case of hepatocellular carcinoma complicating biliary cirrhosis caused by biliary atresia is reported. The patient had persistent severe jaundice with hepatosplenomegaly. A liver tumor was suspected because of the elevated serum alpha-fetoprotein and was shown by ultrasonography at 6 years of age. The tumor was treated with percutaneous ethanol injection(More)
We investigated the long-term results and ongoing management issues of 39 Japanese children who underwent liver transplantation in Brisbane, Australia. Whole liver grafts were used in 15 patients (Wh group) and reduced-size grafts were used in 24 patients (Re group). The 1-year and 3-year survival rates were 74% and 60%, respectively, and all cases of late(More)
An umbilical core-out operation for a completely patent vitelline duct in a premature baby with successful preoperative manual reduction of the prolapsed ileal loops is described. In certain cases with this rare anomaly this procedure can be applied. The procedure is easy, timesaving, bloodless and necessitates no laparotomy incision.
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