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Restructuring speech representations using a pitch-adaptive time-frequency smoothing and an instantaneous-frequency-based F0 extraction: Possible role of a repetitive structure in sounds
Abstract A set of simple new procedures has been developed to enable the real-time manipulation of speech parameters. The proposed method uses pitch-adaptive spectral analysis combined with a surfaceExpand
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YIN, a fundamental frequency estimator for speech and music.
An algorithm is presented for the estimation of the fundamental frequency (F0) of speech or musical sounds. It is based on the well-known autocorrelation method with a number of modifications thatExpand
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Tandem-STRAIGHT: A temporally stable power spectral representation for periodic signals and applications to interference-free spectrum, F0, and aperiodicity estimation
A simple new method for estimating temporally stable power spectra is introduced to provide a unified basis for computing an interference-free spectrum, the fundamental frequency (F0), as well asExpand
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STRAIGHT, exploitation of the other aspect of VOCODER: Perceptually isomorphic decomposition of speech sounds
STRAIGHT, a speech analysis, modification synthesis system, is an extension of the classical channel VOCODER that exploits the advantages of progress in information processing technologies and a newExpand
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Speech representation and transformation using adaptive interpolation of weighted spectrum: vocoder revisited
  • Hideki Kawahara
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Acoustics…
  • 21 April 1997
A simple new procedure called STRAIGHT (speech transformation and representation using adaptive interpolation of weighted spectrum) has been developed. STRAIGHT uses pitch-adaptive spectral analysisExpand
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Aperiodicity extraction and control using mixed mode excitation and group delay manipulation for a high quality speech analysis, modification and synthesis system STRAIGHT
A new control paradigm of source signals for high quality speech synthesis is introduced to handle a variety of speech quality, based on timefrequency analyses by the use of an instantaneousExpand
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Fixed point analysis of frequency to instantaneous frequency mapping for accurate estimation of F0 and periodicity
An accurate fundamental frequency (F0) estimation method for non-stationary, speech-like sounds is proposed based on the differential properties of the instantaneous frequencies of two sets of filterExpand
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The processing and perception of size information in speech sounds.
There is information in speech sounds about the length of the vocal tract; specifically, as a child grows, the resonators in the vocal tract grow and the formant frequencies of the vowels decrease.Expand
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Underlying Principles of a High-quality Speech Manipulation System STRAIGHT and Its Application to Speech Segregation
Testing human performance using ecologically relevant stimuli is crucial. STRAIGHT provide powerful means and strategies for doing this. This article outlined the underlying principles of STRAIGHTExpand
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Vocal Attractiveness Increases by Averaging
Vocal attractiveness has a profound influence on listeners-a bias known as the "what sounds beautiful is good" vocal attractiveness stereotype [1]-with tangible impact on a voice owner's success atExpand
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