Hideki Kawaguchi

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When placed at the tip of a glass micropipette electrode the polymeric matrix of the secretory granule behaves like a diode. The measured current was 100-fold greater at negative potentials compared to positive potentials, and up to sixfold greater than that measured with the pipette alone. By manipulating the geometry of the electric field we show that(More)
The rapid-freezing and freeze-substitution method fixes a specimen as if it were prepared before excision. We used this method to study the stria vascularis of guinea pigs using electron microscopy. Findings were essentially the same as those obtained with conventional chemical fixation, although freeze substitution made it possible to observe the membrane(More)
Fine structural features of the 'type A' protofibrils in the guinea pig tectorial membrane were examined using negative staining and deep-etching techniques. Negative-stained samples of fragmented tectorial membrane were composed of several fine filamentous subunits showing the clear banding pattern of the type A protofibrils. Deep-etched replicas of the(More)
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