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— A key goal in dextrous robotic hand grasping is to balance external forces and at the same time achieve grasp stability and minimum grasping energy by choosing an appropriate set of internal grasping forces. Since it appears that there is no direct algebraic optimization approach, a recursive optimization, which is adaptive for application in a dynamic(More)
—In this paper, a visual and haptic human-machine interface is proposed for teleoperated nano scale object interaction and manipulation. Design specifications for a bilateral scaled teleoperation system with slave and master robots, sensors, actuators, and control are discussed. Phantom T M haptic device is utilized as the master manipulator, and a(More)
We generalize the standard vehicle routing problem with time windows by allowing both traveling times and traveling costs to be time-dependent functions. In our algorithm, we use a local search to determine routes of the vehicles. When we evaluate a neighborhood solution, we must compute an optimal time schedule of each route. We show that this subproblem(More)
Intelligent spaces 1, 2] are rooms or areas that are equipped with sensors such as microphones or cameras that enable them to perceive what is happening in them. In such spaces that have an intelligence of their own a world model no longer is something the robot has alone but a service ooered by the information infrastructure of the space. In this article(More)
Below are the detailed computational results of our algorithm proposed in [3]. We conducted computational experiments to evaluate the proposed algorithm. The algorithm was coded in C and run on a PC (Xeon, 2.8 GHz, 1 GB memory). We used Solomon's benchmark instances [12] and Gehring and Homberger's benchmark instances [5]. As our algorithm deals with the(More)