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OBJECTIVE We developed a digital image database (www.macnet.or.jp/jsrt2/cdrom_nodules.html ) of 247 chest radiographs with and without a lung nodule. The aim of this study was to investigate the characteristics of image databases for potential use in various digital image research projects. Radiologists' detection of solitary pulmonary nodules included in(More)
Zone-to-zone projection of olfactory and vomeronasal sensory axons underlies the topographic and functional mapping of chemoreceptor expression zones of the sensory epithelia onto zonally arranged glomeruli in the main and accessory olfactory bulbs. Here we identified OCAM (R4B12 antigen), an axonal surface glycoprotein expressed by subsets of both(More)
Neogenesis of lymphatic vessel and lymphatic invasion is frequently found in the stroma of cancers, but the mechanisms of this phenomenon remain unclear. Vascular endothelial growth factor C (VEGF-C) is known to be the only growth factor for the lymphatic vascular system, and its receptor has been identified as Flt4. To clarify the mechanism of lymphatic(More)
Non-flagellate H2 mutants were isolated from a phase-2 stable strain, SJW806 H1-gt- H2-enxon vh2-, a derivative of Salmonella typhimurium. By transductional crosses a deletion map and a recombination map of the H2 gene were made. There are three regions especially rich in nonflagellate mutational sites. By the use of the deletion map, mutational sites of 21(More)
The Rho family of small GTPases has been implicated in cytoskeletal reorganization and subsequent morphological changes in various cell types. Among them, Rac and Cdc42 have been shown to be involved in neurite outgrowth in neuronal cells. In this study, we examined the role of RhoG, another member of Rho family GTPases, in nerve growth factor (NGF)-induced(More)
It has been previously documented that the thermolysin-digest of "Katsuo-bushi", a Japanese traditional food processed from dried bonito possesses potent inhibitory activity against angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE). The present authors isolated eight kinds of ACE-inhibitory peptides from it. Of these isolated peptides, LKPNM (IC50 = 2.4 microM) was(More)
Heme controls expression of genes involved in the synthesis of globins and heme. The mammalian transcription factor Bach1 functions as a repressor of the Maf recognition element (MARE) by forming antagonizing hetero-oligomers with the small Maf family proteins. We show here that heme binds specifically to Bach1 and regulates its DNA-binding activity.(More)
Enhancer of zeste homologue 2 (EZH2), a member of the polycomb group protein family, plays a crucial role in the regulation of embryonic development and has been associated with the regulation of the cell cycle. Recently, several studies have shown that EZH2 is highly expressed in aggressive tumours, including human breast cancer, prostate cancer, and(More)
By means of a high resolution PET scanner, the regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF), cerebral blood volume (rCBV), oxygen extraction fraction (rOEF), and metabolic rate of oxygen (rCMRO2) for major cerebral gyri and deep brain structures were studied in eleven normal volunteers during an eye-covered and ear-unplugged resting condition. Regional CBF was(More)
1. Several areas in the monkey dorsal visual pathway, including the dorsal part of the medial superior temporal area, have been found to contain cells responding to movements of a wide visual field and are suggested to be involved in analyzing self-induced motion information. In the present study, positron emission tomography was used to localize human(More)