Hidekazu Yamada

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The authors investigated the impairment of spatial cognitive performance in rats with chronic focal cerebral ischemia using the Morris maze, and examined the correlation between this deficit and other behavioral changes, such as step-through latency in passive avoidance task and neurologic score, or pathologic changes. The authors focused on the(More)
It is well known that hemiplegia is frequently observed in cerebral ischemia. It is important for the pathophysiologic study and development of drug therapies to establish a precise method investigating impairment of motor function with animal models. To develop a quantitative and objective method for evaluating impairment of motor function, we examined an(More)
BACKGROUND A crucial step in the metastatic spread of ovarian cancer (OC) is the adhesion and implantation of tumor cells to the peritoneal mesothelium. In order to study this step in the cascade, we derived a pro-metastatic human ovarian carcinoma cell line (MFOC3) from the non-metastatic FOC3 line. METHODS Molecular profiling of the isogeneic lines(More)
Self-recognition and self-discrimination within complex mixtures are of fundamental importance in biological systems, which entirely rely on the preprogrammed monomer sequences and homochirality of biological macromolecules. Here we report artificial chirality- and sequence-selective successive self-sorting of chiral dimeric strands bearing carboxylic acid(More)
We studied stress fiber orientation under a wide range of uniaxial cyclic deformations. We devised and validated a hypothesis consisting of two parts, as follows: (1) a stress fiber aligns to avoid a mechanical stimulus in the fiber direction under cyclic deformation. This means that, among all allowable directions, a stress fiber aligns in the direction(More)