Hidekazu Takada

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[123I]iomazenil (IMZ) is a specific radioligand for the central benzodiazepine (BZ) receptor that may be useful as a marker of cortical neuron loss after cerebral ischemia using single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT). This study used statistical imaging analysis for IMZ-SPECT to investigate the relationship between higher brain dysfunction and(More)
Restenosis after carotid endarterectomy (CEA) is one of most significant complications. There is no previous report about MRI findings of restenotic lesions and preoperative plaques. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the initial and recurrent plaques in patients with restenosis after CEA by using black-blood MRI (BB-MRI). Three patients who(More)
We compared infection of a murine macrophage-like cell line, J774-1, with two Theiler's murine encephalomyelitis virus subgroup strains. The GDVII strain, which is highly virulent and produces acute polioencephalomyelitis in mice, did not actively replicate in J774-1 cells, although there was a significant inhibition in cellular protein synthesis. In(More)
Daphnia is a key crustacean zooplankton of freshwater food chains. One factor that ensures successful propagation is the Daphnia resting eggs, which are able to retain structural integrity under extreme conditions. Until recently little was known about the chemical composition, microanatomy, and physical properties of the egg itself. The current study(More)
Epidermal growth factor (EGF) content in urine from patients with glial tumors was examined by radioimmunoassay techniques with labeled human EGF and its rabbit EGF polyclonal antibody. There was no cross-reaction with transforming growth factor-alpha, which has a common receptor with EGF. Forty glial tumors were divided into three groups according to the(More)
We encountered a patient with multiple stenotic lesions. He was treated by percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA). The patient, a 59 year-old male, complained of right motor weakness. CT scan showed a multiple low density area (LDA) in the distribution of the right middle cerebral artery (MCA), but did not reveal LDA in the distribution of the left MCA(More)
We report a case of carotid endarterectomy preceding distal plaque-end dissection followed by internal shunt insertion. A 60-year-old man was admitted to hospital with right hemiparesis. Magnetic resonance imaging detected multiple fresh infarcts in the left hemisphere, and the patient was transferred to our hospital. Angiography revealed high-grade(More)
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