Hidekazu Shiozawa

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This paper proposes a new technique to visualize dependencies among cells in a spreadsheet. In this way, the system firstly visualizes a spreadsheet on a plane in threedimensional space, and draws arcs between interrelated cells. By allowing a user to select an arbitrary cell and lift it up with direct manipulation, the system utilizes the third dimension(More)
Visual shared workspaces will be always staying on users' screens in the near future. Users will be moving frequently between their personal workspaces for personal and asynchronous work and shared workspaces for communication and synchronous cooperation. Also the system should supports users' everyday awareness of co-workers. For supporting such situation,(More)
One of the problems with mobile networks is the lack of security information of the networks. Different from organization and home networks, the security measures and conditions of mobile networks are usually unknown to the end users. As a result, users may enter a mobile network filled with attacks without any prior protection and suffer serious damages.(More)
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