Hidekazu Murakawa

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Welding-induced deformation not only negatively affects dimension accuracy but also degrades the performance of product. If welding deformation can be accurately predicted beforehand, the predictions will be helpful for finding effective methods to improve manufacturing accuracy. Till now, there are two kinds of finite element method (FEM) which can be used(More)
The elastic finite element method based on inherent strain theory has been recognized as an effective tool to estimate the total welding deformation for large and complex welded structures. When this computational approach is employed to predict welding deformation in a weldment, one prerequisite is that the inherent deformations of each welded joint(More)
In this paper, Ar ion beam irradiation was proposed as a method to join the overlapped graphene sheets and the joining process was researched by classical molecular dynamics simulation. The results showed that the ion irradiation behavior could successfully induce the joining of overlapped graphene sheets. The joining results were found to be attributed to(More)
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