Hidekazu Hattori

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BACKGROUND Radiation pneumonitis (RP) and organizing pneumonia (OP) are the two main types of lung damage that can occur after lung irradiation. The goal of this study was to evaluate the relationship between RP and OP after irradiation for breast cancer. METHODS Four hundred and twenty-eight patients who underwent radiotherapy for breast cancer were(More)
Effects of alendronate on bone formation and osteoclastic resorption of beta-tricalcium phosphate Takaaki Tanaka1, Mitsuru Saito2, Yoshio Kumagae1, Masaaki Chazono2, Hirokazu Komaki2, Takahiro Kikuchi1, Seiichiro Kitasato2, Chikara Ushiku2, Hidekazu Hattori2, Keishi Marumo2 1Orthopaedic Surgery, NHO Utsunomiya National Hospital, Utsunomiya, Japan;(More)
BACKGROUND It is unclear whether glucocorticoid (GC) therapy is directly related to Achilles tendon rupture (ATR), because many of the reported patients were receiving long-term GC therapy for underlying diseases. This study aimed to elucidate the mechanism by which systemic GC administration causes weakening of the Achilles tendon by biochemically,(More)
We present a rare case of a branching anomaly of the aortic arch that resulted in wheezing and dyspnoea. The patient was a 60-year-old male with severe wheezing from babyhood, originally diagnosed with severe bronchial asthma. On auscultation, the inspiratory and expiratory wheezes appeared when the patient leaned forward. He also had difficulty in(More)
Purpose: The incident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station in 2011 has again raised concerns with the public regarding radiation exposure, especially so in medical workers and patients undergoing treatment involving the use of radiation. Radioisotopes are currently used during sentinel node navigation surgery (SNNS) in operating rooms without(More)
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