Hidekazu Fukai

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 The Hodgkin-Huxley equations (HH) are parameterized by a number of parameters and shows a variety of qualitatively different behaviors depending on the parameter values. We explored the dynamics of the HH for a wide range of parameter values in the multiple-parameter space, that is, we examined the global structure of bifurcations of the HH. Results are(More)
Despite unique well characterized neuronal properties, such as extensive electrical coupling and low firing rates, the role of the inferior olive (IO), which is the source of the climbing fiber inputs to cerebellar Purkinje cells, is still controversial. We propose that the IO stochastically recodes the high-frequency information carried by its synaptic(More)
In the Hodgkin-Huxley equations (HH), we have identified the parameter regions in which either two stable periodic solutions with different amplitudes and periods and an equilibrium point or two stable periodic solutions coexist. The global structure of bifurcations in the multiple-parameter space in the HH suggested that the bistabilities of the periodic(More)
When a grounded metal sphere approaches a charged polyethylene terephthalate sheet (75-850 mu m thick) backed by a grounded metal layer, discharges occur. The discharges are called approaching discharges. In an experiment, with a 130 mm diameter backing electrode, two modes of discharge were studied: small (Polbuschel) and large (Gleitbuschel). When an(More)
Although humans perceive animacy in blinking fireflies, humans do not perceive animacy in flashing traffic lights. In the present study, we conducted a psychological experiment to investigate which characteristics of temporal changes of luminance affect animacy perception in humans. Unpredictability in temporal change might be one of the key factors that(More)
One approach to solve the blind source deconvolution (BSD) is to transform the observations into the frequency domain and apply common blind source separation (BSS) in each frequency bin. This approach is called frequency-domain blind source separation (FD-BSS). Generally FD-BSS has a problem with indeterminacy of the permutation of the separated signals in(More)
We perceive animacy even on a simple dot traveling across a screen based on its movements. Research studies have pointed out several features of movement that are assumed to induce the perception of animacy; however, validations and discussions about these features are still insufficient. Meanwhile, other studies indicate that the perception of the(More)
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