Hidekatsu Yokoyama

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Kainic acid (KA) induces seizures and degeneration in CA1 of the ventral hippocampus, though its mechanism of action is unknown. We used KA to induce seizures in freely moving rats prepared for in vivo microdialysis with probe placement, and then measured extracellular glutamate with an online fluorometric detector. Generation of free radicals was monitored(More)
On the basis of a temporal model of animal behavior we conducted temporal analysis of eye movements in schizophrenic subjects (n = 10) and normal controls (n = 10). We found a fractal property in schizophrenic subjects, the fixation time of eye movement during reading ambiguous and difficult sentences showing a clear inverse power law distribution. An(More)
PURPOSE To measure the neural antioxidant function in the hippocampus of rats with epileptogenesis induced by microinjection of FeCl3 into the amygdala using the decay rate of the nitroxide radical as estimated by L-band electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Region-selected intensity determination (RSID) was used for(More)
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