Hidehisa Akiyama

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Rapid information gathering during the initial stage of investigation is an important process in case of disasters. However this task could be very risky, or even impossible for human rescue crews, when the environment has contaminated by nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons. We developed the information gathering system using multiple mobile robots(More)
— Mobile robots may be able to aid rescue crews in dangerous environments during search and rescue missions after natural or man-made disasters. In 2006, we began a research project to realize mobile robots that can gather information rapidly at the first stage of a disaster. 3D mapping, which can be an important aid for rescue crews in strategizing rescue(More)
In the domain of RoboCup 2D soccer simulation league, appropriate player positioning against a given opponent team is an important factor of soccer team performance. This work proposes a model which decides the strategy that should be applied regarding a particular opponent team. This task can be realized by applying preliminary a learning phase where the(More)