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Although acyclovir is one of the most important antiviral drugs used today, there are several problems with its physical properties. The aim of this study is to prepare cocrystals or amorphous complex of acyclovir using drug-excipient interactions to improve the physical properties of the drug, especially its dissolution rate and transdermal absorption.(More)
Thermodynamic stability order of tolbutamide between polymorphs was evaluated using calorimetry and spectroscopic analysis. The heat of solution (DeltaH) of Forms I-III measurements were carried out in dimethylsulfoxide between 298.2K and 319.2K. It was found that the DeltaH of Forms II and III was increased nearly parallel with a temperature rise. However,(More)
Mining of bacterial genome data has revealed numerous presumptive terpene synthases. Heterologous expression of several putative terpene synthase genes in an engineered Streptomyces host has revealed 13 newly discovered terpenes whose GC-MS and NMR data did not match with any known compounds in spectroscopic databases. Each of the genes encoding the(More)
Pranlukast (PRS) is a leukotriene receptor antagonist for the treatment of bronchial asthma. In this study, six new solvates and one new cocrystal of PRS were characterized by PXRD, TG-DTA, DSC, vapor sorption analysis and the dissolution test. In addition, the crystal structures were determined by single crystal X-ray structure analysis. PRS was found to(More)
Steric character is one of the most fundamental factors to determine the reactivity of the substrate in organic synthesis. In bimolecular reaction, the sterically-bulky group situated close to the reactive center generally prevents the approach of the reaction partner retarding the bond formation. This report describes, to the contrary, significantly(More)
Switching of molecular chirality under photo-irradiation was studied in a cobaloxime complex crystal. Excitation of the d-d transition of the Co(III) ion appeared to be much more effective in inducing the chirality change than excitation of the ligand-metal charge transfer band although the latter is more effective in breaking the Co-C bond that initiates(More)
The absolute stereochemistry of FD-891, a novel cytotoxic 18-membered macrolactone antibiotic, was determined by a synthetic approach as well as X-ray diffraction of degradative derivatives. The absolute configuration of FD-891 turned out to be as shown above. The stable conformer of FD-891 was also discussed with respect to biological activity by(More)
Chemical investigation of ecdysteroidal constituents of the roots and stems of Cyathula officinalis led to the isolation of two cyasterone stereoisomers, 2 and 3, together with the known cyasterone 1. The structures of compounds 2 and 3 were determined to be 28-epi-cyasterone and 25-epi-28-epi-cyasterone, respectively, by means of spectroscopic analysis.(More)
A transient protection method of cyclooctynes from a click reaction with an azide through 1:1 complexation with a cationic copper(I) salt is reported. The application of the method to a cyclooctyne bearing a terminal alkyne enabled the selective copper-catalyzed click conjugation with an azide at the terminal alkyne moiety, which made cyclooctyne(More)