Hidehiko Shishido

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To build a robust visual tracking method it is important to consider issues such as low observation resolution and variation in the target object's shape. When we capture an object moving fast in a video camera motion blur is observed. This paper introduces a visual trajectory estimation method using blur characteristics in the 3D space. We acquire a(More)
Condensed-matter systems that are both low-dimensional and strongly interacting often exhibit unusual electronic properties. Strongly correlated electrons with greatly enhanced effective mass are present in heavy fermion compounds, whose electronic structure is essentially three-dimensional. We realized experimentally a two-dimensional heavy fermion system,(More)
Field-angle dependent specific heat measurement has been done on the heavy-fermion superconductor CeCoIn 5 down to ∼ 0.29 K, in a magnetic field rotating in the tetragonal c-plane. A clear fourfold angular oscillation is observed in the specific heat with the minima (maxima) occurring along the [100] ([110]) directions. Oscillation persists down to low(More)
In this paper, we introduce a method to estimate 3D position of a badminton shuttle using unsynchronized multiple-view videos. The research of object tracking for sports is conducted as an application of Computer Vision to improve the tactics involved with such sports. This paper proposes a technique to stably estimate object's position by using motion blur(More)
— This paper proposes a method to estimate position of a small moving object. It is difficult to fit dynamic model of a target object moving fast and anomalously. We focuses on a phenomenon that a high-velocity moving object is observed as a line-shaped region in captured images by motion blur. Shape-from-silhouette technique is applied to estimate the 3D(More)
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