Hidehiko Nakano

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A total of 190 patients with unresectable non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) were analyzed retrospectively using eight pretreatment and three treatment-related prognostic factors in terms of influence on survival. All the patients received chemotherapy with or without chest irradiation, according to the protocol of phase II or phase III trials of the(More)
We performed X-ray crystallographic analyses of 6-aminohexanoate-dimer hydrolase (Hyb-24DN), an enzyme responsible for the degradation of nylon-6, an industry by-product, and of a complex between Hyb-24DN-A(112) (S112A-mutant of Hyb-24DN) and 6-aminohexanoate-linear dimer (Ald) at 1.58 A and 1.4 A resolution, respectively. In Hyb-24DN, Asp181-O(delta) forms(More)
RNA oligomers having multiple (2 to 4) pyrenylmethyl substituents at the 2'-O-sugar residues were synthesized. UV-melting studies showed that the pyrene-modified RNAs could form duplexes with complementary RNA sequences without loss of thermal stability. Absorption, fluorescence, and circular dichroism (CD) spectra revealed that the incorporated pyrenes(More)
The effects of carboplatin and cisplatin on colony formation in stomach and lung cancer cell lines were examined and compared. The colony-inhibitory activity of carboplatin against stomach and lung cancer cell lines was similar to that of cisplatin when one-tenth of the peak plasma concentration of each drug was used (r=0.80). One of the four stomach cancer(More)
A simple and direct electrochemical detection of DNA single-base mismatches utilizing anthraquinone-modified oligonucleotides (AQ-ODNs) bound to gold electrodes has been described. By using the redox-active oligonucleotides, the redox-active center can be positioned at the desired base-pair pocket in double-helical DNA, enabling us to measure the charge(More)
The cytotoxicity of spleen lymphocytes against YAC-1 cells, against syngeneic B-16 and F-10 melanoma cells was augmented not only by incubation of spleen lymphocytes with human recombinant interleukin-2 (rIL-2) in vitro, but also by injectingC57BL/6 mice with high dose rIL-2 for more than 3 consecutive days. In animals injected s.c. with multiple high dose(More)
Case An 82-year-old woman who had atrial fibrillation was found unconscious and was brought to the emergency department by ambulance. Her Glasgow Coma Scale score was 3, and an electrocardiogram showed ST segment elevation in V3 and V4. Cardiac ultrasonography showed left ventricular asynergy in the anterior wall, septum, and apex. Although dissection of(More)