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This paper describes a case study of building a prototype of an immersive three dimensional (3-D) modeler which supports simple two-handed operations. Designing 3-D objects in a virtual environment has a number of advantages for 3-D geometry creation over designing with traditional computer aided design (CAD) tools. In order to enhance the human-computer(More)
We focus on a shared augmented environment (SAE) as an almost ideal face-to-face collaborative virtual workspace. In an SAE, multiple users can observe both a virtual world and real partners through optical see-through head mounted displays (STHMDs). This paper describes two experiments for verifying the effectiveness of an SAE compared with a conventional(More)
This paper describes a new method for extracting facial components from a color image using cooperative active nets with global constraints. We utilize an active net model which is a region extraction method based on energy minimization principle. Each net deforms with its own energy being minimized and the position of the nets are controlled by minimizing(More)
Visualization of a \eld", which is a physically invisible concept, is a main subject of scientic visualization. In this paper described is a method for visualizing a great gravitational eld like a black hole. We assume a velocity vector eld of imaginary uid in the vicinity of the black hole for its eective visualization. We describe the eld by using(More)
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