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In today's datacenter networks, TCP protocol is still used in most of the network traffic. On the other hand, TCP protocol can also result in severe goodput collapse in a high bandwidth and low latency datacenter environment. One of the problems is called incast problem. In order to efficiently utilize the bandwidth of distributed systems such as datacenter(More)
It is difficult for inexperienced programmers to debug three-dimensional (3D) computer graphics programs. One reason is that the relationship between the visual information rendered on the screen and the numerical information in the source code is difficult to understand. This sketch introduces a system to help programmers understand and debug computer(More)
The abundance of computing resources in current systems makes it technically feasible to run services for multiple Internet sites on a single machine. However, in the UNIX security model, a vast majority of services must be run with superuser privileges. This increases security risks considerably when numerous services are running in parallel, making the(More)
This paper proposes a new framework in which events described in a script language are embedded in Music XML. As the Internet becomes popular and the network technology improves, interactive musical contents rapidly and widely spread. In making musical content, it is important to synchronize other elements such as animations and user interaction. When we(More)
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