Hideharu Kojima

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Concurrent programming is playing key roles for improving software performance since multi-core processors are used on various computing system. However, there may be not standard methodology for testing concurrent program. Especially, it would be difficult to know the quality of concurrent software. In this research, one of quality indexes, which would be(More)
In this paper, we propose a weighting method for pair-wise testing. Pair-wise testing is a software testing strategy that tests every pair of parameter values at least once. Weighting allows the tester to specify desired frequency of occurrence in a test suite for each parameter value. Pair-wise testing is a widely used strategy because of its effectiveness(More)
The ad hoc network is a kind of autonomous decentralized networks that consist of mobile nodes and wireless links. Therefore, there are no nodes called administrator to manage the network. Many routing protocols and application for mobile ad hoc networks have been proposed so far, and then some test-bed systems have been constructed to evaluate the ad hoc(More)
We have been developing a New Generation Children Tracking System using Android terminals which is based on experiences and findings of the field experiments for the Hiroshima City Tracking System executed in 2007. In the developing System, Android terminals communicate with each other with Bluetooth and configure a Bluetooth MANET. Also, they configure(More)
We address the issue of maximization of the availability of replicated data that are distributed in a wide area network. We consider a system that uses majority voting, which is a common mechanism for providing consistency of replicated data in the presence of failures. The data availability provided by this mechanism critically depends on the vote(More)
This article discusses the location of faulty interactions in software testing. We propose an algorithm to generate a test suite that can be used to identify a faulty pair-wise interaction. This approach works as follows. First, a test suite is generated using an existing method for pair-wise testing. Pair-wise testing requires testing all pair-wise(More)