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Scalable analysis of massive graphs has become a challenging issue in high performance computing environments. ScaleGraph is an X10 library aimed for large scale graph analysis scenarios. This paper evaluates scalability of ScaleGraph library for degree distribution calculation, betweeness centrality, and spectral clustering algorithms. We make scalability(More)
Large graph analysis has become a widely studied area in recent years. Clustering is one of the most important types of analysis that has versatile applications such as community detection in social networks, image segmentation, graph partitioning, etc. However, existing clustering algorithms do not intend for large scale graphs. To solve this problem, we(More)
The use of social application such as Twitter or FaceBook becomes popular in recent years. In particular, Twitter increases the number of the users rapidly from 2009 as the place that users can tweet anything in 140 characters. In the area of social network analysis, the user network of Twitter is frequently analyzed. Haewoon, et.al.,[1] analyzed the(More)
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