Hideaki Takagi

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In multihop packet radio networks with randomly distributed terminals, the optimal transmission radii to maximize the expected progress of packets in desired directions are determined with a variety of transmission protocols and network configurations. It is shown that the FM capture phenomenon with slotted ALOHA greatly improves the expected progress over(More)
The channel throughput for a finite number of packet broadcasting users is analyzed for random access protocols, including slotted persistent carrier sense multiple access (CSMA) with and without collision detection and unslotted persistent CSMA with and without collision detection. We consider both pand 1-persistent CSMA. Our results can be extended to(More)
A polling model is a system of multiple queues accessed by a single server in cyclic order. Polling models provide performance evaluation criteria for a variety of demand-based, multiple-access schemes in computer and communication systems. This paper presents an overview of the state of the art of polling model analysis, as well as an extensive list of(More)
We propose an efficient heuristic algorithm that sets up and releases lightpaths for connection requests dynamically. We partition the routing and wavelength assignment (commonly known as RWA) problem into two subproblems and solves both of them using a well-known shortest path routing algorithm. For solving the routing subproblem, an auxiliary graph is(More)