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In this paper, in order to realize the image enlargement with high performance, we propose a new enlargement method, which restores high-frequency components lost in the interpolation-based methods, by using high-frequency estimation. The estimation is based on the eigenspace method proposed by Amano et al.. The proposed enlargement method can generate lost(More)
Character recognition is a classical issue which has been devoted by a lot of researchers. Making character recognition system more widely available in natural scene images might open up interesting possibility to use as an input interface of characters and an annotation method for images. Nevertheless, it is still difficult to recognize all sorts of fonts(More)
The symptoms of “color blindness” are due to an innate lack or deficit of cone cells that recognize colors. People with color blindness have difficulty discriminating combinations of specific colors. In this paper, we propose a novel color conversion algorithm for color blindness. In the proposed method, the difficult colors for discrimination(More)