Hideaki Okazaki

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How to define an integral type mixed potential for a transmission line circuit with one-port elements at the line ends was exhibited to derive Brayton - Moser's equations of the transmission line circuits. Moreover complete stability (global asymptotic stability) conditions of the transmission line circuits were established by using the integral type mixed(More)
How to define an integral type mixed potential for a transmission line that is arbitrarily terminated on both ends by current or voltage controlled type nonlinear resistors, was exhibited to derive Brayton - Miranker's equations of the transmission line circuit providing complete stability (global asymptotic stability) conditions
The complete dynamics for controlling a quad-copter are complex. Therefore, although simplified models of a quadcopter requiring a minimum number of states and inputs have been considered, unified methods to describe the dynamic state equations of quadcopters have yet to be established. This paper presents how system dynamics and system control equations(More)
*KURAに登録されているコンテンツの利用については,著作権法に規定されている私的使用や引用などの範囲内で行ってください。 *著作権法に規定されている私的使用や引用などの範囲を超える利用を行う場合には,著作権者の許諾を得てください。ただし,著作権者 から著作権等管理事業者(学術著作権協会,日本著作出版権管理システムなど)に権利委託されているコンテンツの利用手続については ,各著作権等管理事業者に確認してください。 Title 99mTc-sestamibi retention characteristics during pharmacologic hyperemia in human myocardium: Comparison with coronary flow reserve measured by(More)
This paper discusses a Simulink based model realization for many-to-one and one-to-many access CDMA communication over power lines through a 2-wire power line cord with neutral line cord (2WN). In addition, a hardware prototype with TCP/IP data link layer (IEEE802.3) that can send and receive video images at a speed of 1 Mbps through 2WN is introduced.
In this paper, a lemma, and two theorems for a bivariate fractal interpolation surface (BFIS) generated by an iterated function system (IFS) with an individual vertical scaling factor, are provided. Further, as a demonstration for the effect of the individual vertical scaling factor which characterizes the BFIS, the examples of higher resolution(More)
In this paper theorem of an algebraic identity that rewrites a product of n variables as additions of n th power functions is introduced. Theorem of a representation of continuous functions of many variables is provided as an application of theorem of the algebraic identity. Theorem of piecewise linear (PWL) enclosures (having representable lower and upper(More)
This paper provides algorithms in order to solve an interval implicit function of the Poincaré map generated by a continuous piecewise linear (CPWL) vector field, with the use of interval arithmetic. The algorithms are implemented with the use of MAT LAB and INT LAB. We present an application to verification of canards in two-dimensional CPWL vector field(More)
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