Hideaki Nakashima

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An interventional navigation system designed for percutaneous abdominal therapies was proposed, and a pilot study was carried out to assess the proposed system. Integration of US to MRI-based segmentation and 3D display of tumours can help physicians deal with instabilities such as respiratory motion and soft tissue shift that are inherent in abdominal(More)
For elderly patients, dosing is crucial for their healthy life. Many of theme are requested to take medicine regularly without any mistake. To assist their daily drug dosing, a medication calendar to guide them is proposed. The calendar has 28 pockets, with reed switches attached on the back. With the use of a microprocesor the reed switch signal is read(More)
This study was performed to elucidate the relationship between dental caries and the levels of Sr and Ca eluted from enamel, and to examine whether these elements are useful as factors to assess caries risk. The available 103 (Sr) and 108 (Ca) samples were obtained among 111 collected deciduous teeth. The healthy regions of enamel were decalcified in(More)
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