Hideaki Kizuki

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A 55-year-old female presented with a rare solitary plasmacytoma restricted to the skull vault without systemic myelomatosis. She had a 9-month history of a slowly growing soft mass in the right temporal region. Neuroradiological examination revealed a skull defect and an extradural tumor. The whole layer of the skull was destroyed by the tumor, but the(More)
A 49-year-old male with tuberculous meningitis was reported. When admitted to our hospital with mild right hemiparesis, he was alert but he developed disorientation 7 days later. A diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis was reached because of elevated levels of adenosine-deaminase at 19.6U/liter in the cerebrospinal fluid. MRI showed a marked enhancement in(More)
A case of astrocytoma whose first clinical presentation was diagnostic dyspraxia was reported. A 38-year-old right-handed male experienced funny motion of his left hand triggered by voluntary movement of his right hand. One day, he tried to insert a coin into the vending machine with his right hand, then the left hand was against the other. One month after(More)
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