Hideaki Kawada

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The enteric nervous system regulates epithelial ion and fluid secretion. Our previous study has shown that the low (0.2-1 mM) concentrations of Ba2+, a K+ channel inhibitor, evoke Ca2+-dependent oscillatory Cl- secretion via activation of submucosal cholinergic neurons in guinea pig distal colon. However, it is still unclear which types of Ca2+ channels are(More)
Highly sensitive piezoelectric ultrasonic micro-sensors with a grooved multilayer membrane have been developed by Si-based MEMS technique. The groove was located at one-quarter of the membrane and opened in piezoelectric layer. The piezoelectric layer PZT is 2.2 mum thick and was prepared by sol-gel method. The prepared PZT films shows pure perovskite and(More)
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