Hideaki Kawabata

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We have used the technique of functional MRI to address the question of whether there are brain areas that are specifically engaged when subjects view paintings that they consider to be beautiful, regardless of the category of painting (that is whether it is a portrait, a landscape, a still life, or an abstract composition). Prior to scanning, each subject(More)
To realize the provision of secure Android applications, this paper proposes an application development and management system, or ADMS for short, that is operated and maintained by application developers and the market manager. ADMS requires (i) Android OS to be equipped with a "security manager", (ii) all application developers to embed a code for event(More)
In an event-related fMRI study, we scanned eighteen normal human subjects while they viewed three categories of pictures (events, objects and persons) which they classified according to desirability (desirable, indifferent or undesirable). Each category produced activity in a distinct part of the visual brain, thus reflecting its functional specialization.(More)
Characteristics of perception and cognition in our daily lives can be elucidated through studying misdirection, a technique used by magicians to manipulate attention. Recent findings on the effects of social misdirection induced by joint attention have been disputed, and differences between deceived (failed to detect the magic trick) and undeceived(More)
Seventy percent of smartphone applications employ third party libraries for advertisement and usage analysis. Because the host application and those third party libraries have to be packed into one application package, they share the same set of privileges. This worries users because of the concern that third party libraries might abuse the host(More)
With the widespread use of the Smartphone, the security of data stored in a Smartphone has reached to an utmost importance to all of us. Installation of every Android app asks for some critical permission to access our critical files and we have to accept the permissions in order to install that application. We propose a novel approach of enhanced security(More)
Many people complain that they do not photograph well. In the present study, we hypothesised that the self-face is memorized more beautifully than reality, which may result in reports of being not photogenic. We took photographs of students who were in the same university course and were familiar with one another. We then magnified or shrunk the size of(More)
Several self-organized key management frameworks have been proposed as a certification technology. However, these methods require a long time to collect and a huge memory to store all the certificates in the network. Generally these involve a huge cost of communication. Moreover, the validity of each certificate has to be checked periodically. In this(More)