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PURPOSE To investigate early changes of retinal function in myopic eyes, patients with various degrees of myopia underwent multifocal electroretinography (multifocal ERG). METHODS Thirty young patients (mean age, 26.1 years) were divided into three groups according to the degree of refractive error: emmetropia/low, medium, and high myopia. All groups were(More)
BACKGROUND We ordinarily perceive our voice sound as occurring simultaneously with vocal production, but the sense of simultaneity in vocalization can be easily interrupted by delayed auditory feedback (DAF). DAF causes normal people to have difficulty speaking fluently but helps people with stuttering to improve speech fluency. However, the underlying(More)
An illusion similar to the stationary visual phantom illusion presented earlier by Gyoba (1983, Vision Research 23 205-211) is reported. This illusion is visible in photopic vision and we have tentatively named it the 'photopic phantom illusion'. A typical example of this illusion is a white and light-gray square-wave grating occluded by a black region. In(More)
We studied the fatigue and stress of anesthesiologists at work using a flicker photometer, visual reaction time test and questionnaires to them. The two kinds of visual apparatus enabled us to measure two types of fatigue. On the other hand, the questionnaires relating to fatigue and stress indicated the stress tendencies and stressors by age, anesthetic(More)
Characteristics of perception and cognition in our daily lives can be elucidated through studying misdirection, a technique used by magicians to manipulate attention. Recent findings on the effects of social misdirection induced by joint attention have been disputed, and differences between deceived (failed to detect the magic trick) and undeceived(More)
In an event-related fMRI study, we scanned eighteen normal human subjects while they viewed three categories of pictures (events, objects and persons) which they classified according to desirability (desirable, indifferent or undesirable). Each category produced activity in a distinct part of the visual brain, thus reflecting its functional specialization.(More)
Neon color spreading is closely related to the photopic visual phantom illusion, since these two completion phenomena are characterized by in-phase lightness induction, and the only difference in the stimulus configuration is the difference in the inducer height. This idea was supported by the present study. Neon color spreading showed almost the same(More)
PURPOSE To examine the effect of myopia, occasionally associated with glaucomatous eyes, on the results obtained by frequency-doubling perimetry (FDP). METHODS Sixty emmetropic or myopic normal volunteers (mean age, 26.2 +/- 0.35 years, mean +/- SEM; range, 19-34) with good visual acuity and without glaucoma were divided into three groups. The groups were(More)
Direct nerve-crossing of intercostal nerves from the lateral thorax to the musculocutaneous nerve was performed in 6 patients after spinal nerve root avulsion with brachial plexus palsy. Elbow flexion power was regained well enough to move against gravity and some resistance in all cases. The muscles were examined histochemically 4 (1-9) years after the(More)