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We have used the technique of functional MRI to address the question of whether there are brain areas that are specifically engaged when subjects view paintings that they consider to be beautiful, regardless of the category of painting (that is whether it is a portrait, a landscape, a still life, or an abstract composition). Prior to scanning, each subject(More)
BACKGROUND We ordinarily perceive our voice sound as occurring simultaneously with vocal production, but the sense of simultaneity in vocalization can be easily interrupted by delayed auditory feedback (DAF). DAF causes normal people to have difficulty speaking fluently but helps people with stuttering to improve speech fluency. However, the underlying(More)
To realize the provision of secure Android applications, this paper proposes an application development and management system, or ADMS for short, that is operated and maintained by application developers and the market manager. ADMS requires (i) Android OS to be equipped with a "security manager", (ii) all application developers to embed a code for event(More)
Characteristics of perception and cognition in our daily lives can be elucidated through studying misdirection, a technique used by magicians to manipulate attention. Recent findings on the effects of social misdirection induced by joint attention have been disputed, and differences between deceived (failed to detect the magic trick) and undeceived(More)
In an event-related fMRI study, we scanned eighteen normal human subjects while they viewed three categories of pictures (events, objects and persons) which they classified according to desirability (desirable, indifferent or undesirable). Each category produced activity in a distinct part of the visual brain, thus reflecting its functional specialization.(More)
Neon color spreading is closely related to the photopic visual phantom illusion, since these two completion phenomena are characterized by in-phase lightness induction, and the only difference in the stimulus configuration is the difference in the inducer height. This idea was supported by the present study. Neon color spreading showed almost the same(More)
We ordinarily speak fluently, even though our perceptions of our own voices are disrupted by various environmental acoustic properties. The underlying mechanism of speech is supposed to monitor the temporal relationship between speech production and the perception of auditory feedback, as suggested by a reduction in speech fluency when the speaker is(More)
Four groups of eight infants (3 weeks of age on average) were each habituated to one of four displays consisting of a grating of either low (0.4 cpd) or high (1.2 cpd) spatial frequency, whose central portion was covered up with a horizontal occluder which was either narrow (1.33 degrees) or broad (4.17 degrees). These habituation displays are referred to(More)
Behavioral choice alters one's preference rather than simply reflecting it. This effect to fit preferences with past choice, is known as "choice-induced preference change." After making a choice between two equally attractive options, one tends to rate the chosen option better than they initially did and/or the unchosen option worse. The present study(More)