Hideaki Ito

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Many studies have been conducted on supporting communication in home and office spaces, but relatively few studies have explored supporting communication in large-scale public spaces, despite the importance of such environments in our daily lives. We propose a transcendent means of communication as an emerging style in this pervasive computing era: a system(More)
Test data modification based on test relaxation and X-filling is the preferable approach for reducing excessive IR-drop in at-speed scan testing to avoid test-induced yield loss. However, none of the existing test relaxation methods can control the distribution of identified don't care bits (X-bits), thus adversely affecting the effectiveness of IR-drop(More)
Reducing IR-drop in the test cycle during at-speed scan testing has become mandatory for avoiding test-induced yield loss. An efficient approach for this purpose is post-ATPG test modification based on <i>X</i>-identification and <i>X</i>-filling since it causes no circuit/clock design change and no test vector count inflation. However, applying this(More)
This paper describes analyzing elements of letters in a letter management system. The primary elements of a letter are a sender, a receiver, and terms which are words and named entities appeared in the letter. A letter management system is developed for letters in the Avery Brundage Collection, named LMBC. By analyzing a collection of such letters,(More)