Hideaki Furukawa

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In this paper, we describe an autonomous distributed control system that we have been developing for an optical packet and circuit integrated network, and we experimentally evaluate its performance. Colored (i.e., multi-wavelength) optical packet-switched links transfer both control signals for circuit switching (e.g., signaling and routing) and best-effort(More)
We developed, for the first time to our knowledge, a 640-Gbit/s/port optical packet switch prototype consisting of multiple optical label processors, polarization-independent plomb lanthanum zirconate titanate waveguide optical switches, optical fiber-delay-line buffers, and a parallel pipeline buffer manager. We achieved the error-free switching and(More)
We developed novel integrated optical packet and circuit switch-node equipment. Compared with our previous equipment, a polarization-independent 4 × 4 semiconductor optical amplifier switch subsystem, gain-controlled optical amplifiers, and one 100 Gbps optical packet transponder and seven 10 Gbps optical path transponders with 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE)(More)
We newly developed a 3 × 3 integrated optical packet and circuit switch-node. Optical buffers and burst-mode erbium-doped fiber amplifiers with the gain flatness are installed in the 3 × 3 switch-node. The optical buffer can prevent packet collisions and decrease packet loss. We constructed a multi-ring optical packet and circuit integrated network testbed(More)
We demonstrate 2.56 Tbit/s/port dual-polarization DWDM/DQPSK variable-length optical packet (20 Gbit/s × 64 wavelengths × 2 polarizations) switching and buffering by using a 2×2 optical packet switch (OPS) system. The optical data plane of the OPS system was constructed of multi-connected electro-optical switches and fiber delay lines. The accumulated(More)
In this paper, we show the recent progress of photonic network technologies for the new generation network (NWGN). The NWGN is based on new design concepts that look beyond the next generation network (NGN) and the Internet. The NWGN will maintain the sustainability of our prosperous civilization and help resolve various social issues and problems by the(More)
Optical packet and circuit integrated (OPCI) networks provide both optical packet switching (OPS) and optical circuit switching (OCS) links on the same physical infrastructure using a wavelength multiplexing technique in order to deal with best-effort services and quality-guaranteed services. To immediately respond to changes in user demand for OPS and OCS(More)
Novel optical networking technologies are necessary to efficiently utilize the huge transmission capacity of spatial division multiplexing wavelength division multiplexing (SDM-WDM) optical networks. In this paper, we propose a joint spatial super-channel optical packet switching (OPS) scheme that increases the granularity of SDM-WDM optical networks. This(More)