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Viburspiran, an Antifungal Member of the Octadride Class of Maleic Anhydride Natural Products†
Viburspiran (8), a structurally new member of the maleic anhydride natural products, was isolated, along with seven known compounds 9–15, from the fungal endophyte Cryptosporiopsis sp. The structureExpand
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Absolute Configurations of Globosuxanthone A and Secondary Metabolites from Microdiplodia sp. – A Novel Solid-State CD/TDDFT Approach†‡
The absolute configuration of a potent new antitumor dihydroxanthenone, globosuxanthone A (1), active against human solid tumor cell lines and isolated by Gunatilaka et al. from Chaetomium globosumExpand
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5-epi-Incensole: synthesis, X-ray crystal structure and absolute configuration by means of ECD and VCD studies in solution and solid state
Abstract Incensole 1 and its acetate 2, found in incense, demonstrate interesting biological activities. Incensole acetate 2 was prepared on a large scale by employing the Paul and Jauch protocolExpand
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Desmiflavasides A and B: Two new bioactive pregnane glycosides from the sap of Desmidorchis flava
Abstract The sap from the succulent, Desmidorchis flava (N.E.Br) Meve & Liede (Apocyanaceae), provided two new pregnane glycosides named desmiflavasides A ( 1 ) and B ( 2 ) whose structures wereExpand
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pH-dependent redox mechanism and evaluation of kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of a novel anthraquinone
The redox behavior of 1,4-dihydroxy-2-(3-hydroxy-3-(trichloromethyl)pentyl)-8-methoxyanthracene-9,10-dione (HCAQ) was investigated at a glassy carbon electrode over a wide pH range of 3–12 by usingExpand
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Antimicrobial constituents from endophytic fungus Fusarium sp.
Objective To evaluate the antimicrobial potential of fraction of the fungus Fusarium sp. and study the tentative identification of their active constituents.
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pH Dependent Electrochemical Characterization, Computational Studies and Evaluation of Thermodynamic, Kinetic and Analytical Parameters of Two Phenazines
The electrochemical response of two biologically important phenazine derivatives was examined by using cyclic, differential pulseand square wave voltammetry in a wide pH range of 2.0 – 12.0. CyclicExpand
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Desflavasides A-D: Four new tetrasaccharide pregnane glycosides from Desmidorchis flava
Abstract Four new pregnane glycosides named desflavasides A-D ( 1–4 ) were isolated from the sap of Desmidorchis flava (N.E.Br) Meve & Liede. The structures of all new compounds were elucidated basedExpand
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Phytochemistry and pharmacology of Harungana madagascariensis: mini review
Abstract This mini review describes the research between 1962 and 2019 on ethnobotany, chemistry and pharmacology of Harungana madagascariensis (Hypericaceae), the unique plant species in the genusExpand
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