Hidayah Sulaiman

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Cloud computing is one of the most prominent technological trends as it allows modernization of healthcare organization. The purpose of this study is to explore the factors that affect adoption of integrated cloud-based e-health record EHR system in healthcare organizations in Jordan based on TOE framework. The study is done by conducting interviews with IT(More)
Zakat or better known as almsgiving is one of the major Islamic principles which is obligated to qualified Muslims. The almsgiving principle aims to assist the needy and eliminate poverty in the society whilst promoting the elimination of greed and selfishness among the Muslim community. The government also holds the responsibility of creating a zakat(More)
Organizations worldwide are dealing with immense growth of data at a huge speed hence making it difficult to manage. The main difficulty in handling such large amount of data is due to the five big data concepts involving volume, velocity, variety, veracity and value which increases rapidly in comparison to the computing resources. One of the arms of the(More)
The interest in providing accessible public services has increased in the recent years. The advent of Electronic government (E-government) projects promises to provide huge benefits for citizens. One of the most important types of e-government services is the government to citizen (G2C) applications providing public electronic services (e-services) to(More)
The implementation of information systems throughout the healthcare industry has increased dramatically over the past decade since it is now generally believed that IS/IT will be able to bring about immense benefit to medical personnel in delivering better services. However, the enthusiasm of having new information systems implemented usually deteriorates(More)
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