Hidayah Ibrahim

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During the last decade, the use of parallel and distributed systems has become more common. In these systems, a huge chunk of data or computation is distributed among many systems in order to obtain better performance. Dividing data is one of the challenges in this type of systems. Divisible Load Theory (DLT) is one of the old proposed method for scheduling(More)
Tremendous advances in wireless networks and portable computing devices have led to development of mobile computing. Traditional transaction management in multidatabase systems cannot be applied to mobile environment. In this paper, we analyze the features of mobile disconnection modes. A mobile transaction model on multi-checkout timestamp order technique(More)
Nowadays, many users use web search engines to find and gather information. User faces an increasing amount of various semi-structured information sources. The issue of correlating, integrating and presenting related information to users becomes important. When a user uses a search engine such as Yahoo and Google to seek a specific information, the results(More)
The emergence of location-aware services calls for new efficient real-time queries processing algorithms. In this paper, we focus specifically on real-time processing of range-monitoring queries. Ying Cai et al. introduced a technique called monitoring query management (MQM) for efficient real-time processing of range-monitoring queries in heterogeneous(More)
The essential aim of a database system is to guarantee database consistency, which means that the data contained in a database is both accurate and valid. Checking the consistency of a database state generally involves the execution of integrity tests (query that returns the value true or false) on the database, which verify whether the database is(More)
Data mining use everywhere successively, it is the knowledge extraction from large data. In this research, we are using clustering and classification methods to mine the data by using hybrid algorithm. We use K-MEANS algorithm from clustering and CART algorithm from decision tree. Clustering method will use for make the clusters of similar groups to extract(More)
A transaction is a collection of operations that performs a single logical function in a database application. Each transaction is a unit of both atomicity and consistency. Thus, transactions are required not to violate any database consistency constraints. In most cases, the update operations in a transaction are executed sequentially. The effect of a(More)
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